E-Hobby & TFCC VS-E Shattered Glass G1 Soundwave VS Blaster Set In-Hand


Here’s something cool for you to take a look at if the current Beast Hunters line just isn’t your cup of tea. The E-Hobby and Transformers Collectors Club shared exclusive VS-E set has been released, and 2005 Boards member Masabon has it in-hand! The set takes Generation 1 toys Soundwave, Blaster and their cassettes Ramhorn, Eject, Rewind, Ratbat and Slugfest and redecos them as their Shattered Glass counterparts – the first Generation 1 toys to receive such treatment.

The set is out now in Japan, and hopefully that means those who ordered the set through the Transformers Collector’s Club will also be able to lay hands on their very own set soon.

In the meantime, ease the pain of the wait by reading on and checking out Masabon’s pictures!

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  1. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    That box is gorgeous, even if shattered glass is a concept that needs to DIE

  2. Star Saber's Avatar Star Saber says

    Wow, gorgeous! If only there weren't a lot of great TFs I want coming out, I'd definitely try and pick that set up.

  3. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    Looks fantastic. Really wish there wasn't so much that I "need" to buy before these. Hell, I still need to get the last Encore recolors of them.

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