E-Hobby Launches Youtube Channel – VS-E In-Hand / Unboxing Video

E-Hobby have launched an official Youtube channel, and to kick things off there, they have uploaded a video of the unboxing of the Shattered Glass Blaster VS Soundwave set. The set, VS-E, is a shared exclusive between E-Hobby and the Transformers Collectors Club. The video shows the set in its box, plus the contents in their inner tray and the other items in-box; frustratingly the toys themselves don’t get a lot of focus in the video! Check it out below:

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  1. RID Nightviper has no avatar! RID Nightviper says

    Originally Posted by Deceptigtar View Post
    i just want to know when these are shipping?
    Working from a machine translation... tomorrow?

    And that would be for product ordered directly from eHOBBY. I would think they're the only ones that have them as of right now.

  2. Hydra Custom's Avatar Hydra Custom says

    Yup, it's the first review in a series, so it begins with the package.

    They shipped in Japan today, so those who bought from the TCC will have just a short wait. ^^

  3. Girl Pants's Avatar Girl Pants says

    Glad to see this, I hope they can provide more and more content, hopefully some commentary and behind the scenes stuff too.

    For anyone who can understand Japanese well, is there anything interesting in the narration?

  4. T-Logicon's Avatar T-Logicon says

    1000% bought!!!!
    Awesome video, Soundwave and Blaster transcend any human language barriers. I was already going to own this set, but this video has me chubbed even more!!
    Thanx eHobby!!!

  5. kiyoshioni's Avatar kiyoshioni says

    I love that the back of the box has a ton of characters the Japanese audience will never be able to buy affordably

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