Arms Micron Frenzy, Rumble and Wild Rider Galleries


Higekuma toy blog has updated with an extensive gallery of the recently released in Japan new Arms Micron figures. Arms Micron Frenzy, Rumble and Wild Rider are all shown here without their stickers applied.

We’ve mirrored the images here for your enjoyment. Click the title bar to check them out in all their glory!

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  1. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Frenzy and Rumble look really meh. Wildrider, on the other hand, is magnificent!

  2. Bossguy has no avatar! Bossguy says

    I'm glad Dead End was a Hasbro exclusive repaint. I don't know if I'll buy red frumble. He looks plain without stickers.

  3. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    God I can't wait until Takara stops with all this sticker bullshit.

  4. SMOG's Avatar SMOG says

    It looks to me like the photographer just swapped the Rumble and Frenzy heads, to give the blue one the more familiar "cartoon-friendly" head.

    I really like these guys. I hope we see them both domestically (and Wildrider too!) though that seems to be less likely now that Beast Hunters is all over the shelves.

    I mean, at the cost of importing the Takara stuff, I might as well just buy the FansProject Stunticons instead.


  5. Paxtin's Avatar Paxtin says

    Love that head sculpt on Wildrider. His gun is pretty BA, too.

    Soooo wish I had the money to actually buy toys right now...Damn living expenses. If only I didn't have to eat.

  6. ryu hayabusha's Avatar ryu hayabusha says

    it would be great if we actually got wildrider here in the states..

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