Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Mask


Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters toyline is now a very familiar name among the Transformers Fans. It has come a long way since being just a trademark at USPTO.

We’ve been hearing and seeing quite a lot of Toys from the upcoming 3rd Season of Transformers: Prime. But what about Role Play Accessories?

2005 Boards Member hardreturn is bringing us something very cool from Walmart; Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Mask.

Priced at US$ 14.92 this new Optimus Prime Mask features a pull-down visor and it appears as though it has replaced his regular Mouthplate. It’s hard to tell at the moment, but again… the color Green is emphasized.

You can take a good look at the new Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Optimus Prime Mask by clicking on the Image attached with this news post.

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  1. hardreturn's Avatar hardreturn says

    have these been posted yet? ran into them at walmart - kinda new look for prime

  2. Noideaforaname's Avatar Noideaforaname says

    That's actually kinda interesting how the expression changes with the visor thing being flipped up or down.

    Also surprised that these things are evidently profitable enough to keep producing year after year.

  3. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    Odd face sculpt for Prime, but not bad with the visor down. It has an almost alien look that I really dig.

  4. Deadsled's Avatar Deadsled says

    pic's not loading for me.....

    of course it pops up as soon as I post this....

  5. Rogzilla's Avatar Rogzilla says

    There's that green on Prime again...

    Also, this looks like a cross between the previous Prime Prime and BH Prime. Curious.

  6. Dinobot Nuva's Avatar Dinobot Nuva says

    The more green on Prime I see the more I'm thinking the synth-en chatter holds some ground.

  7. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    It's looks really cool and menacing. I will try to pick one up just to role play and annoy my whole family

  8. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Normally I leave RP accessories on the shelf, but this one... is kinda interesting. May have to snag a set.

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