UK Toy Fair 2013 Roundup


The UK Toy Fair 2012 is in full swing, with a few bits of new product news and some updates about the release status of Transformers in the UK. Macula of Fullmetalhero has posted news from the event, and here is a summary of the key items Hasbro had on show:

  • There will be a new size class in Beast Hunters – Ultimate class. Expected to be around Leader size, the first two releases are Dragon Disk Optimus Prime and Predaking. Predaking is the larger one we saw images of at the New York Toy Fair (attached to this story for reference)
  • There will also be a five pack of Legion class Predacons. No other details available as yet.
  • UK release news – Beast Hunters will be released in the UK in May, with the expectation that three waves will be released between then and the end of the year.
  • UK release of Masterpiece Optimus Prime is “in Toys R Us’ hands”

Keep tuned to TFW for news in February from the US Toy Fair, which should include all the above – with pictures – and lots more!

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  1. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    Over on Full Metal Hero, boardmember Macula has got hold of a couple of snaps of the new huge iterations of Prime and Predaking from the UK Toy Fair.

    Images removed at Hasbro request

    As you'll see in the original description, these two feature electronic lights & sounds, and stand larger than a Leader class figure.

    Check out the link here: Full Metal Hero Forum - UK Toy Fair Announcements

  2. Anguirus's Avatar Anguirus says

    Thank you! NEWWWWS

    Ultimate is a "normal" size class now eh? Optimus looks less fun without the jet pack (and the cheesy product name is a turnoff). Want to like Predaking but WHAT is the robot mode holding?

    Wondering why the 5-pack of Legions got a callout and what the "theme" if any is. More G1 fan service?

  3. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    Originally Posted by Sideways77 View Post

    Is that between Supreme and Leader?
    Seems like it might's better than Weaponizers at any rate!

  4. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    Haha, we posted this news almost exactly the same time Shockscream...great minds...

  5. Stygian360's Avatar Stygian360 says

    Can anyone please mirror the various UK Toy Fair pics here? Can't see youtube, Facebook, or Full Metal Hero behind work firewall. Thanks!

  6. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Predaking looks cool (hopefully the wings move higher up), but that Optimus is just atrocious. Looks like his torso is just the cab, unchanged.

  7. Goldlock's Avatar Goldlock says

    Originally Posted by NemiMonkey View Post
    Why does Prime have such a tiny head?
    It's about the same size in relation to his body on the CV and Voyager really.

    Mirrored pics now too in the first post!

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