Prime Arms Micron Darkest Megatron / Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon General Official Pictures


Official images of the Transformers Prime Arms Micron series Darkest Megatron aka Final Battle Megatron and Jet Vehicon General have been posted on Amazon Japan. The new images reveal that Jet Vehicon General is as speculated the white “elite” Jet Vehicon type who was under Starscream’s command during the final battle of the episode Darkest Hour. Darkest / Final Battle Megatron is the Voyager as expected, primarily painted the same as the US mainline release, but with the grave-robbed right arm of a Prime incorporated as a series of paint apps (or a sticker…?) on the arm. He comes with the three Dark Matter Caliber Arms Microns redeone in darker plastics and with purple stickers to resemble the Dark Star Saber.

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  1. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    vehicon is cool, megs not so much, sucks its not a remolded forearm instead its paint apps and knew he would come with those microns.

  2. Sumner Sturgeon's Avatar Sumner Sturgeon says

    Well, Megatron's a bit anti-climactic, but I'm glad we got a toy of that "elite" Vehicon model from the season finale. Gotta see if I can afford a couple of those.

  3. Agent Adam's Avatar Agent Adam says

    Augh that Megatron is conflicting. I feel like the micron sword is worth having a second version of but the hand just being a repaint and being mostly similar (if not the same) as PRiD Megatron is a bummer. Shoulders seem like they may be chromed again though.

  4. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Thank god these are two moulds I do not require and my Prime collection is still technically complete.

    I would like to see more of that `Prime`arm though.

  5. Shockwave9227's Avatar Shockwave9227 says

    Megatron is meh. I can't tell if he has a bit of silver paint or it's still the grey plastic the Hasbro one has.

    Jet Vehicon General looks quite good, may get it .

  6. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    My body is ready.

    EDIT: Wait, is the "Prime" arm a paint app? Because the ports on it are also red.

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