FansProject Breakdown Robot Mode Color Pictures


By way of the Japanese micro-blogging Weibo site of Mr Elljay, we have our first two pictures of the FansProject Breakdown in robot mode. This unauthorised unofficial take on the Stunticon Lamboghini combines the classic Generation 1 look of the character with modern Classics style aesthetics. It is already confirmed that he will be joined by the other four Stunticons for an unofficial unlicensed take on Menasor – check out our mirror of the images attached to this story.

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  1. opt1musaber's Avatar opt1musaber says

    Can't make it out quite clearly but his face has an animated feeling. Still looks freaking wicked though. When is this releasing??

  2. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by Mr_K View Post
    Preorders are where?
    no places yet

  3. CelticMutt's Avatar CelticMutt says

    Ugh ... between the Throttlebots, Feral Rex, Hexatron, Mini-Warriors, my desperate hope that the PE Blackarachnia cycle comes out this year, and now this ... gonna be so broke. Well, with the Stunticons I might just pick & choose or wait til the end though. But man that Breakdown is sweet.

  4. Mr_K has no avatar! Mr_K says

    Originally Posted by Cheem The Rup View Post
    no places yet
    haha I know But gotta make sure I secure one of those

    With all the pre-orders of late it's gonna be like Christmas when everything arrives (feeling wise, not date)

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