Diamond Comics Shipping List for 30 January – Spotlight Drift Hardcover


D-Drive dropped by to share with us the next Diamond Distribution list. On the cards for Transformers comics next week is the Transformers Spotlight Drift hardcover, collecting the four-issue origin miniseries and the Spotlight issue for the Autobot Drift, a major player in the More than Meets the Eye series! Speaking of More than Meets the Eye, D-Drive wanted to let everyone know that the next issue is coming out on 6 February.


(W) Shane McCarthy (A) Alex Milne, Casey Coller (CA) Trevor Hutchinson
Drift gets the deluxe upgrade as the four-issue mini-series plus the Spotlight issue is collected in this hard cover oversized edition. Once a DECEPTICON, Drift now fights alongside the AUTOBOTS in the ongoing Civil War. How he came to be here, why he was once known as DEADLOCK, and how he came to be at odds with his DECEPTICON allies is revealed.

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  1. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    Soo... no new fiction in the Drift HC I take it?
    It would have been mentioned in that blurb otherwise right?

  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    February for MTMTE. Told yer. Bit more surprised that Rage of the Dinobots is late too, though.

  3. Jalaguy's Avatar Jalaguy says

    A hardback of just five issues with (apparently) no significant bonus content? Seems like a bizarre choice... I mean, LSOTW was five issues, but a good third of the hardback was bonus material.

  4. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    Never forget that Drift is awesome and that you love him.

    Yes, you.


  5. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    I like Drift he is my favorite Autobot character from the TRANSFORMERS comics.

  6. Jalaguy's Avatar Jalaguy says

    The bonus content is a 30-page essay on why Drift is your favourite Transformers character and 30 pages of new art of Drift posing with swords, with katakana and red lines in the background.

  7. GreyFox787's Avatar GreyFox787 says

    The 'Drift' TPB is 104 pages. Spotlight Drift is 32 pages. Complete Drift HC is 152 pages. That leaves 16 pages unaccounted for. My guess is an introduction of some kind and a cover/art gallery. Unless the Drift TPB already had said gallery, and thus maybe there is some bonus fiction in there?

    Edit: I looked up the TPB, and it did indeed have a gallery...so there's 16 pages of who-knows-what, apparently...

  8. Cadbane's Avatar Cadbane says

    I am going to preorder this! hope the bouns content is a surprise

  9. Protoman's Avatar Protoman says

    I am totally game for this. This was Milne's first G1 foray outside of Megatron Origin and a staple of his talent.

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