Bot Shots Launcher and Track Battle Assortments Update


Site sponsors Robot Kingdom have updated their listings for the Bot Shots 2013 Launcher Assortment and Dragon Track set with clear pictures of the toys in the packaging. This gives us our first look at the Bumblebee launcher set, which features a Jump Shot type Bumblebee (a redeco of the one from the three pack which also features Shockwave and Skyquake). There’s a clearer look at the new Optimus Prime launcher set with its new mold “Spin Shot” Optimus Prime, and the Dragon Track set. The new images of the Dragon Track set confirm the second Bot Shot is a new mold of Megatron based on his Transformers Prime design and sporting a purple and orange Galvatron color scheme. The Dragon Track set also comes with approximately two feet of track to launch your Bot Shots down.

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  1. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says -- Online Toys Company

    Features G1 Prime and G1 Bumblebee in the first assortment. Prime's a new mold, looks like he's a "Spin Shot". Launchers don't look as fancy as the earlier ones, but they comes with targets to knock down now so there's a bit more play factor in these.

  2. ILoveDinobot's Avatar ILoveDinobot says

    Rodimus, Rodimus, Rodimus, Rodimus....... Rodimus? I need more Roddy in my collection.

  3. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I don't like the implication that the arms are up like that all the time....

  4. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    An Ark and Nemesis they could open and launched out of and then close up and look like they were driving out would be awesome.

    Could have 2 little rotating guns on the outsides of the ships.

  5. aptkane's Avatar aptkane says

    Prime looks pretty cool. I don't really know how these things work, I always see them at the store and don't bother looking at them. It sounds like they're kinda cool though.

  6. LamboTwinLove's Avatar LamboTwinLove says

    Originally Posted by ILoveDinobot View Post
    Rodimus, Rodimus, Rodimus, Rodimus....... Rodimus? I need more Roddy in my collection.
    This. Along with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker damn it!

  7. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    Wonder if the launcher turns into anything. And I'm actually curious to see what Bumblebees launcher looks like

  8. saberconvoy's Avatar saberconvoy says

    i'm still just going to keep my old optimus

    i like thinking he is a mini Armada prime

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