Transformers 4 Principal Photography To Go From May To September?


Mark Wahlberg is going through press interviews to promote his new movie; Broken City. Yesterday, we brought you news from The Tonight Show and today it’s from the Examiner.

According to what Mr. Wahlberg has said, the Principal Photography for Transformers 4 may go from 2013 May to September.

Examiner: Will you have to put more weight on for “Transformers 4”?
Wahlberg: Well I took a month off – I just started working out, I’m in my 4th week now – hopefully we’ll do “Avon Man” before “Transformers,” which is this comedy we have at Fox that we’ve been developing; it’s kind of like my first romantic comedy.

Examiner: Can you tell us anything about “Transformers 4” or “Ted 2”?
Wahlberg: I could tell you that we’re doing “Transformers” starting at the end of May, and then “Ted” in September. You know I can’t give you too many story points or Michael will not be happy. But I can tell you that I’m very excited, obviously I had a great working relationship with Michael on “Pain & Gain”.

If this is true, TF4 may have a short shooting schedule compared to DOTM.

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  1. Albershide's Avatar Albershide says

    Yesterday Mark Wahlberg was at The Tonight Show and briefly discussed TF4.

    When Leno asked if he was going to be doing a Transformers film, Mark Wahlberg said, “I am. We’re doing a complete reboot of the Transformers. I did a movie with Michael Bay called Pain and Gain, which comes out in April. And we had an amazing time together and really hit it off, and he said ‘Hey, you want to do this other little movie I’m doing?’ Because that was a little movie, and I said ‘Yeah, I like doing little movies.' And he said Transformers.
    Whoa! You know what, we had such a great experience, I’m in.”

    He didn't say much but what he said really differs from Michael Bay's statement from 10 days ago that TF4 is not a reboot.
    I think reboot is a dirty word in Hollywood lately and they are avoiding to use it. I guess it's safe to say that TF4 will be a reboot with a few familiar Autobots. Everything else will be very different indeed.

    Watch from 25 min. although the whole interview is pretty interesting.

    The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Mark Wahlberg 2013.01.16 - Watch Online Episode

    And while we're on the Mark Wahlberg topic...

  2. Pcm979 has no avatar! Pcm979 says

    Going by precedent, I'm expecting Bay to deny this before the day is out.

  3. Albershide's Avatar Albershide says

    Originally Posted by Dinodigger97 View Post
    If it's a reboot, then why is it called "Transformes 4?"
    You don't expect that the movie will end up called Transformers 4, right?

  4. fallen_revenge's Avatar fallen_revenge says

    Mark Wahlberg is going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. So, maybe he might hint a little more tonigh. As for this interview, it's pretty much nothing new. He probably said it was a reboot because they haven't really started any work with him do he might not know much.

  5. Hot Shot.'s Avatar Hot Shot. says

    ...Because a complete reboot with the same director and crew makes sense.

    Yeah, I don't think Wahlberg knows what he's talking about.

  6. Josh's Avatar Josh says

    i think this is one of those times where "reboot" simply means "a fresh direction" not "EVERYTHING THAT CAME BEFORE DOESNT EXIST"

    calm down guys

  7. Gingerchris's Avatar Gingerchris says

    Something tells me he's misinformed. I seriously doubt it's going to be a complete reboot, especially with what we've already been told. But then there's always a chance. And I for one would welcome a reboot. But it'll still be BayFormers so it being a 'complete reboot' seems unlikely.
    This is just Wahlberg getting the same vague description as us where even Bay himself doesn't know how to accurately describe what he's going to be doing. But 'complete reboot' sounds more exciting and enticing than 'more of the same, but slightly different' and we know how Hollywood loves to big-up new projects by suggesting they're going to be somehow fresh. This is almost non-news.

  8. 03Mach1's Avatar 03Mach1 says

    Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    i think this is one of those times where "reboot" simply means "a fresh direction" not "EVERYTHING THAT CAME BEFORE DOESNT EXIST"

    calm down guys

  9. ANDROID PRIME has no avatar! ANDROID PRIME says

    I don't think "reboot" is the right word. That would imply that it takes place in a different universe than the last 3 movies. What would be a better word to describe it?

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