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While the fate of the Transformers Generations GDO Brawn – a reuse of the Prime First Edition Voyager Bulkhead mold with a new head – is still unknown, it might interest you to know that a pair of images popped up on the 78dm BBS by spyder.

These images are not proof positive that Brawn is still getting released though, as they are previously unreleased official images of Brawn that have been composited together, possible for a catalog. Time will tell what actually becomes of all this.

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  1. Dolza_Khyron has no avatar! Dolza_Khyron says

    there is something about it, idk, the head just doesn't quite look like it fits the body. lol

    i think brawn would look better with the beast hunters mold, personally.

  2. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by Astronopolis View Post
    aside from the painted wheels, that thing is ugly as sin

  3. Cracka J's Avatar Cracka J says

    It's still the fe mold so no matter how weird it still would be a solid toy.
    I dunno I like goofy looking TF's though so I would have picked this up if it did get released.

  4. JDK's Avatar JDK says

    Maximum derp achieved. Might snatch off those painted tires for Bulkhead though.

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