Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime Pictorial and Video Review

Transformers toy reviewer and 2005 Board member, Peaugh, has got his hands on the new Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime figure. He is also gratious enough to share with us his thoughts on the figure in the form of a video review and a pictorial review:

You can check out Beast Hunters Optimus’ bio, Peaugh’s thoughts and his pictorial review in this thread .

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  1. microclone's Avatar microclone says

    a bit simplistic on the transformation but great for kids, looks a lot of fun, like a hybrid of animated, cybertron and starconvoy.

  2. charsdc2's Avatar charsdc2 says

    Definitely gonna get him! Only downfall is the green, but I don't mind it too much.

  3. StrifeZ's Avatar StrifeZ says

    What an interesting figure. If you squint your eyes, the wings become a quasi "trailer" in vehicle mode. In robot mode he's got a ton of bulk, and wings and heroic proportions.

    Then his face. His face.

    Really interesting prime.

  4. TFXProtector has no avatar! TFXProtector says

    Wow. That uh... Yeah, that sucks. I can't believe how simplistic his transformation is. Transformation is one of the most important parts of the figures for me. I do like his size, that's pretty impressive considering their cost cutting measures, but he's just a mess in all the wrong ways for me.

    Big fat pass.

  5. alanyap's Avatar alanyap says

    izzit just me or does his shoulders look like 2 halves of a rhino head?

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