Beast Hunters Cyberverse Commander Trailcutter


Another new toy has been revealed, courtesy of the official Transformers Facebook page. Today they have revealed Trailcutter, from the Beast Hunters Cyberverse series. As some have speculated he shares his base mold with Cyberverse Commander Ironhide – Trailcutter is pretty extensively remolded though with plow, guns, altered headlights and vehicle windshield, as well as a new head and chest.

Check out the images at the link above or attached to this story for those without Facebook.

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  1. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    A new Trailbreaker is always a cause for celebration... even a Cyberverse-scale strange spiky Mad-Max version. Keep that trademark alive and healthy, long enough for a Classics deluxe...

  2. Lumpy's Avatar Lumpy says

    Can you post the image here? I can't get to Facebook at work.

    EDIT: Thanks! that looks pretty crazy. I've got Ironhide, but i might have to get Trailbreaker... he looks insane.

  3. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Alt mode reminds me of Prime Kup or Ironhide.

    Wel here is to another cyberverse Trailcutter, let's see if this time we get him in Classics to finish off the 84 cast.

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