IGear Mini-Warrior Not-Powerglide Announced and Name Contest


IGear Mini-Warrior designer, Dillinger 3D Concept Toy Designs on Facebook, have uploaded a teaser for the new Mini-Warrior from IGear. Powerglide will be the next homage from this third party group and as a bonus, you can enter for a chance to name the figure and receive him as a prize!

So what will be? Mighty Flight? Strongwind? Flightpath? Heart Throb? (Those are just a few of the suggestions!) Click on the title bar and head over to the 3rd Party Forum to chime in!

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  1. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    Looks like we're getting MW Powerglide from IGear in the future.

    Name a Mini-Warrior Competition-pgl.jpg

    Edit: Final ten names have been decided, and they've opened the votes to the public rather than picking their favourite!

    Go here!

  2. TigerBlade's Avatar TigerBlade says

    I think Windcharger would have been a better choice with there already being a few Powerglides on the market.

    Maybe one day they'll see sense.

  3. Brunkion76's Avatar Brunkion76 says

    Excellent, my favorite minibot. A new Windcharger would be cool as well I guess, but like so many other people, I just want a redo on Spray and Rager. My vote for his name would be Thunderbolt, after the obvious A-10 design he is modeled after. I may just keep going with my own personal version though

  4. Rewind's Avatar Rewind says

    Considering the naming-trend of 3rd Party toys lately, I will be very disappointed if this one isn't named Astroglide.

    In all serious, yay! Another Powerglide to add to my growing stable of Powerglides.
    I like how they've done the arms - keeps them tucked under the wing nicely and adds double-jointed elbows.

    Also this thread title should be changed to have a reference to Powerglide and iGear.

  5. Transbot90210's Avatar Transbot90210 says

    Hmmm what does Powerglide do with the Seekers whenever they meet in the air?


  6. Bucket Head's Avatar Bucket Head says

    wasn't there an autobot named dogfight?

    if he takes the form of an A-10, perhaps THUNDERBOLT?


  7. edgs2099's Avatar edgs2099 says

    Originally Posted by kibble View Post
    How about name it: Unnecessary

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