AcidFree New Megatron 5 Color Screen-Print


AcidFree has posted up new images of it’s upcoming G1 Megatron 5 Color Screen-Print that will go on-sale next week. Acidfree starts with the foundation of high quality printing and adding global creative efforts from artists worldwide. Bringing together these incredible talents and high quality printing, you get an invaluable source of extraordinary works from every corner of the globe.

More information about the G1 Megatron Screen-Print after the jump.

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  1. Wu Jen's Avatar Wu Jen says

    Somethings off with Meg's face....can't quite put my finger on it. Otherwise nice, would be a nice t-shirt print.

  2. deathsheadII's Avatar deathsheadII says

    having that! missed out on the other tf prints which some go for around 3 times the price on ebay now

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