New Generations G1 Optimus Prime Teaser


Our good friends friends from down under at Ozformers have posted a picture from the latest issue of Toy Hobby Retailer Magazine. Along with several brands from Hasbro on the cover is a new image promoting Transformers Generations and the image is a Generation 1 Optimus Prime with a Targetmaster-type weapon! The weapon has wheels and appears to have a blue truck cab. Could the 2013 Generations line possibly see a have a gimmick of convertible weapons like the Powercore Combiners or Arms Micron figures? The design for Optimus is heavily inspired by the current design from IDW’s comics.

Is this a sign of things to come? Or just placeholder artwork? It’s all very interesting, and hopefully, we’ll find out more info next month at Toyfair 2013. For now, click the title bar and speculate away at the possibilities this could hold!

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  1. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    *squint* That... very much APPEARS to be IDW's current Optimus design.

  2. G1Wheeljack's Avatar G1Wheeljack says

    Is that Roller as a Targetmaster? Oh man I can't wait for Toy Fair now.

  3. Optimal Primus's Avatar Optimal Primus says

    Hopefully this is a sign of the direction Generations will take after the're done with the FOC toys. Domestic release of TG Ratbat anyone?

  4. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Give me Deluxe Swerve and Voyager Tarn and no one has to get hurt

  5. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Makes sense, as they did say that future Generations figures would have pack-in IDW comics. Makes me wonder who all else they'll do, and what's all going on with that gun Optimus is holding. I'd love to see a Voyager Megatron made. While I'm not sure I would get this Optimus, I could use a new Megatron.

  6. Sideswipe80's Avatar Sideswipe80 says

    Hmm maybe we'll get that Stealth Body Megatron now? More Dinobots and Aerialbots too maybe?

  7. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    I would buy the shit out of a Voyager stealth bomber Megatron too.

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