Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class Predaking Pictorial Review


Once again, thanks to we have another extensive gallery of the other Beast Hunters Wave 1 voyager, Predaking! This black, orange and silver dragon of death is shown here in both of his modes, with his twin dragon launchers and swords at the ready, and in package photos. Also shown is just how poseable this figure is in his beast mode. Predaking’s dragon mode can be posed on all fours, on his hind legs and if you prefer him flying, you can have all four limbs at his side. It’s quite remarkable looking.

What do you think? We’ve mirrored the images here for your enjoyment. Click the title bar to check them out!

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  1. BaltMatrix's Avatar BaltMatrix says

    doltoys of the site had the new Predaking figure in hand and has taken some great pictures. I've posted some of their pics below but be sure to check out the full thread here:

  2. Haloid1177's Avatar Haloid1177 says

    Looks okay. Beast mode looks funky. Robot mode looks pretty rad though.

  3. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    I wonder what colour his Glyphs are picked out in CGI form ? or what they Translate to.

    Anyone noticed if any other BH Toys have Glyphs on them ?

  4. Shadow25's Avatar Shadow25 says

    This isn't really the fault of the toy (or maybe it is) but he looks very plain and uninteresting besides the face sculpt. Maybe I'll like him more once we get to know his character, but for the menacing, big-bad hype Hasbro has given him thus far, he's just not visually striking.

  5. Heat Guy's Avatar Heat Guy says

    Looks wicked, but will wait for the bigger one. On a high note, looks like figures will be getting catalogs again.

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