Transformers Collectors’ Club MTMTE Sneak Peek – Hero Optimus Prime


The Official Transformers Collectors’ Club has updated their website with a sneak peek at issue #49 of their magazine. The sneak peek includes a “More Than Meets The Eye” style profile for “Hero” Optimus Prime with art by Dan Khanna. Check out the bio from the Club’s site below:

In his home universe, “Hero” Optimus Prime was the sworn protector of Earth and its super energy source, forestonite. Along with fellow Autobots Electro and Volt, and the human boy Junpei, the Autobot Leader was able to repel Megatron and the Decepticons’ attack. Although Megatron promised he would return to conquer not just the Earth but the entirety of the Milky Way galaxy, Prime stood vigilant, ready to thwart him at every turn!

Following the theft of the Rarefied Energon from the Classics Universe, chaos spread and soon found its way across the multiverse, threatening existence everywhere. Optimus Prime was selected by certain members of TransTech to leave his universe and travel to Axiom Nexus to be inducted into the newly formed group known as The Convoy – a collective of high-ranking Autobots from across the multiverse.

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  1. thielmj's Avatar thielmj says

    I wonder if this is a possible botcon exclusive spoiler, i kinda hope not mainly cause its a color scheme i would love seeing made into a toy

  2. TCJJ's Avatar TCJJ says

    It.... looks just like Hero Optimus Prime. Yay? This may as well be the box art for the original G2 toy. I'm not saying it's bad, but...... just generic. And boring.

  3. Arsenic's Avatar Arsenic says

    Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    i saw MTMTE and got all excited :T
    (sees the title)
    MTMTE and Optimus Prime!? Awesome! Maybe I will subscribe the magazine!
    (few seconds later)
    Wait a minute, "Optimus Prime"? But, he is under the name of Orion Pax in MTMTE and RID...
    (read the article)
    ...It wasn't IDW's MTMTE comic series...

  4. SamsHappyTime has no avatar! SamsHappyTime says

    Sorry to poop on this, but it makes no sense. Truck mode's windshield is shown on feet. Yet chest is crafted to like a windshield, obviously a G1 homage. Now, if this were a toy, I'd accept this as a false part(where the toy can't realistically be as complex as the fictional counterpart, so rules are bent for character design accuracy) but this isn't a toy. Did OP choose to have a glass-armored chest cavity, though vitals would be less protected? Or, is it so he is recognizible after a makeover? The only possible way this makes sense is if they were two vehicles combined to begin with. Also, the tires of the abdomen area and the feet area are likely not the same size. I don't typically like to point out flaws and stuff, but I saw the title and thumbnail and immediately thought this was a sneak peek one of their exclusive toys for the year. Oddly enough, I came to the computer seeking info on the original mold use for RID Scourge, so my mind was in a similar place. Really odd, don't you think?

  5. process's Avatar process says

    I'm confused. It's based on the G2 Combat Hero Prime, fake windows and all.

  6. GAUGE's Avatar GAUGE says

    If only Unicron would eat Funpub, so we didn't have to deal with all these stupid alternate reality stories. :/

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