Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone Colored Prototype Pictures


Holy Headmasters! Third party group, Toyworld, has updated their website with new colored prototype pictures of their upcoming homage to Generation 1 Hardhead. This figure, named “Hardbone“, appears to be a faithful representation of Hardhead and includes a flip down chestplate, a knife with storage in his leg and of course, a fully transformable headmaster figure.
No release date is given other than 2013 but the pricing for the figure is listed at around $73.00.

Check out all the new images by clicking the title bar.

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  1. barrelks's Avatar barrelks says

    That is one bright figure. Not sure if I need it with the Headrobots version, but with all the FP ones coming out, I may to add this to the pile.

  2. Prime Evil's Avatar Prime Evil says

    Whoa! I was gonna pass on this guy but i think i will reconsider. Looking really good.

  3. Astronopolis's Avatar Astronopolis says

    wow its gorgeous. i love the headrobots version, but this one is looking better and better...

  4. originaljk's Avatar originaljk says

    Looks as tough they made some tweeks to the initial prototype and added details. Diggin it! Everyone preorder their Hardbone from Toyworld. That's just funny.

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