Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime In-Hand Pics


Courtesy of ACToys, we have in hand images of the upcoming Voyager Beast Hunter’s Optimus Prime. This figure will round out the first wave of voyagers in the Beast Hunter’s line along with Predaking. Shown in the pics are Optimus in vehicle mode and a couple of robot mode pictures showing that his trailer bits can become a winged jet-pack.

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UPDATE: An ebay auction has gone up for Beast Hunters Voyager Optimus Prime and includes our first images of the figure in packaging. From the back of the box, the figure includes: Ionic Pulse Blasters, launchers that attach in both modes and a star saber.

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  1. shroobmaster's Avatar shroobmaster says

    WHOOOOOooop WHOoOooOp WHooooP!

    Pull over sir, that truck is TOO DAMN SWAG! Holy shit, the lack of paint is lame but that fucker is COOL.

  2. NemiMonkey's Avatar NemiMonkey says

    Screw it if he goes on clearance he is becoming Motormaster in my collection. Now to work on my painting skills.

  3. matrixprime's Avatar matrixprime says

    What happened to his face? I like where they went but this isn't replacing FE OP

  4. shibamura_prime's Avatar shibamura_prime says

    I still like this guy, but he's kind of a butterface. :/

  5. Mechafire has no avatar! Mechafire says

    Looks freaking crazy. Like, if TFP was an anime, this is what OP would look like. His face looks weird though; admittedly I kinda wish he had a mouthplate.

    Regardless, so far this is the only "redo" of a character in the BH line I think I'm gonna pick up.

  6. Stonecrusher's Avatar Stonecrusher says

    DUDE!!!!!! Dude dude dude dude du- *Smack* Sorry. It just was awesome to look at.

  7. axiom has no avatar! axiom says

    Awesome! All the haters will still probably hate and just try to bring up new imaginary flaws. To me, this is pure SEXY!

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