Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Smokescreen Additional In-Package Images


User pc8440 of has shared some additional, higher resolution images of the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters series Smokescreen on his card. While we are still waiting for some pictures of the Autobot hot-shot liberated from his packaging, these new images give a much clearer look at the toy, including a good look at the headsculpt, the arms, door wings, and the blue “shadow quill armor” – these latest images appear to show clips where the armor attaches, implying it can be removed for a clean, show-accurate Smokescreen! The proof will of course be in the telling once we get actual photos demonstrating the feature, but all indications so far is Hasbro is giving us a show accurate Smokescreen with optional Beast Hunters spikiness.

Click on the link above to check out all the pics, or read on to see the main ones attached to this story.

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  1. grandizerGo's Avatar grandizerGo says

    yup that blue crap comes off..might pick him up and dump my arms micron one

  2. Anti Spark's Avatar Anti Spark says

    Please can someone mirror? ! That site is not mobile friendly.

  3. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Originally Posted by Anti Spark View Post
    Please can someone mirror? ! That site is not mobile friendly.
    I'll have the best of them up on the frontpage in a bit. Please bear with me for a few more minutes

  4. process's Avatar process says

    So potentially Beast Hunters Smokescreen - blue kibblepack = regular Smokescreen?

  5. WoundSave's Avatar WoundSave says

    Very nice, but they can paint the red and blue detailed 38 on the side, but not his red crests on his face.

    But still very nice.

  6. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    I was thinking that. Might have to see if a head swap with the Takara-Tomy remold is a possibility, because I think I prefer the look of the head on that one.

    He's elevated from "no" to "possibly" in my book. Almost wish I'd held fire on the Arms Micron one now!

  7. worldruined's Avatar worldruined says

    Gah, so cute! That poor thing (why so blue, Smokescreen??) needs to be let out of the package so he can beat up 'Cons and play immature pranks on unsuspecting (but deserving) humans.

    I can't wait for this release.

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