Fans Want It FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade Kit Prototype Photos


The Planet Iacon Facebook Group has posted a pair of new photos of the Fans Want It FWI-3 Jet Power Upgrade Kit, designed for ROTF Leader Class Optimus Prime. The kit includes a multitude of SR-71 Blackbird parts that attach as shoulder, chest, and leg armor, as well as a jetpack, wings, and weaponry. The produced effect is reminiscent of the combined form of Optimus Prime and Jetfire in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Update: According to site sponsor Robot Kingdom’s Facebook page, the set can attach in vehicle mode, and is compatible with ROTF, Striker, and Jetwing versions of the Leader Class mold. Pre-orders may go up as soon as late January 2013.

Staff Note: This is a third party add-on not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara Tomy.

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  1. Barricade24's Avatar Barricade24 says

    Interesting. I have yet to get these guys' stuff but if it looks as anywhere near as good as the Starscream and Ironhide set, it might be worth checking out.

  2. mikenoynoy's Avatar mikenoynoy says

    It's about time's taking me forever (laziness) to customize my own.

  3. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    Ohhh, this could be cool. I hope they go all out on this: New weapons, 'boots', chest piece...Maybe slightly bigger turbines too. Would be expensive, but also a must for a lot of people, I'd reckon. Don't let us down FNW!

  4. TheBigMachine's Avatar TheBigMachine says

    Interesting, but what is this supposed to accomplish that combining with ROTF leader Jetfire doesn't do?

  5. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    Interesting but odd choice. What does this do that combining with Leader Jetfire doesn't already accomplish.

    I'd rather they gave us a full-size trailer to go with the Leader Prime mold, complete with ringed arsenal array when you open it up to store all his gear (battle blades, shield, axe, buster cannon, mechtech guns, etc.). But that's probably a really tall (and expensive) order.

    Still, I may pick this up depending on how it turns out. I bought their first two sets for Starscream and Ironhide and those are fantastic.

  6. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    Nice... At least we can now have a posable version... The ROTF link-up version limits the leg movement. I do hope the come up with the lower limb attachments as well.

  7. Omega Charge's Avatar Omega Charge says

    Interested in this for sure!

    Was impressed by their Ironhide cannons, have the Starscream set on the way, and will probably get this one too. I had also gotten a whole extra Leader Prime just to install the poseable hands and reprolabels to, so now he'll get a jetpack too!

  8. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    An admirable effort, but unless the upgrade is bigger than the figure itself it's not gonna be accurate or visually appeaing, and that picture tells me it won't. But still, at least somebody's trying something new.

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