Encore 20A Devastator Animation Version In-Hand Pictures


From ACToys user foklau we have a few in-package images of the Transformers Encore 20A “animation type” Devastator. Encore 20A’s box art has been given a facelift to match the altered designs of the Constructicons, most notably, the head on the artwork of Devastator. The new head is presented as a major selling feature, and has its own window in the box.

Click on the link above to check out the images.

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  1. uranusdd's Avatar uranusdd says

    ACTOYS.net member foklau has uploaded in-hand photos of the TFE 20A

  2. alldarker's Avatar alldarker says

    Oh man!!! He finally looks perfect!
    Now I know why I didn't get any other version of Devastator earlier (except the EZ Legends RotF Devastator). I was sort of on the fence, but just pre-ordered him. Purple mixing drum, new head, purple windows on Hook's crane... SWEET!
    If Hook's crane-hook faces outwards again like on the G1... That would the be icing on the cake.

  3. RDprime's Avatar RDprime says

    Looks good...I have the first encore release of this with the CD addons and Green Giant and am still compelled to grab this, but it's not a necessity. I don't need it. There's too many other things coming out that are far better.

    Just got to keep telling myself that.

  4. Foster's Avatar Foster says

    I love the look of this set. Glad I passed on the straight reissue last year.

  5. REMINATOR's Avatar REMINATOR says

    Whooo, that face and lip are gorgeous! Luckily I passed the 1st release, I couldn't stand Devastator lip. Can't wait to have this set.

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