CST-01 Rhinohorn and CST-02 Ironpaw Images


TFW2005 Site Sponsor RobotKingdom has updated their Facebook with new images of two upcoming new products, from the new Third Party group known as KFClub (Which apparently stands for Keith’s Fantasy Club.) Based on the G1 Cassettes Ramhorn and Steeljaw, KFClub is planning on releasing CST-01 “Rhinohorn” and CST-02 “Ironpaw” sometime in February. These cassettes are also designed to fit in the chest of MP-13 Soundwave. There is no other information, including price, available at this time.

Please remember that these are third-party products not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara.

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  1. TFao's Avatar TFao says

    COOL! Those are Eagle's molds!

    I used to own Ramhorn and thought it was a pretty sweet design. Always thought that Steeljaw was even cooler looking.

    Any idea on price and if they will be painted or not?

  2. cylor's Avatar cylor says

    Did Eagle authorize KFClub to use his design, or is it another bootleg of a 3rd party product?

  3. Lder Optimus has no avatar! Lder Optimus says

    Those look cool! The minions alone are tempting me to get MP Soundwave. Oh, well...

  4. Cheem The Rup's Avatar Cheem The Rup says

    Originally Posted by jbot View Post
    Kentucky Fried Chicken club? Sounds greasy!

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