Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream


A poster on ACToys has shared some images of the cross-sells on the bottom of the Beast Hunters Bulkhead and Smokescreen packaging which we saw yesterday. Alongside those two figures and Ripclaw, we have a look at the mystery fourth figure in the assortment whom we can confirm as a new, Deluxe class, version of Starscream! Beast Hunters Starscream like most of the rest of the returning characters features an armored, spikey new design, and seems a bit more squat than the usual tall, slender depiction of Prime Starscream (although it might be the photo angle). Starscream comes with what looks like a capture claw accessory, a long red weapon with silver claws at its tip.

This report comes to you via Snakas & Autobase Aichi.

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  1. SoundBlaster7's Avatar SoundBlaster7 says

    I really wish they would give us more new beast characters, rather than just retooled versions of the toys we already have. That said, Starscream looks pretty nice. Hopefully we'll see pics of the actual figure soon.

  2. SG Roadbuster's Avatar SG Roadbuster says

    huh, new toy. go figure. i was expecting a retooled knockout

  3. Pcm979 has no avatar! Pcm979 says

    What is it with Hasbro and colours? Do they realize every 4 years or so that they have lots of left-over Snot Green, Puke Brown and Day-Glo Orange and decide to clear it all out at once?

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