Year of the Snake Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme in Box


2005 Boards member uranusdd has shared with us a look at the Transformers Platinum Edition Year of the Snake Energon Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme in their packaging. The packaging truly lives up to the “premium” billing these toys have received, with a nice red backdrop and gold foil effect combined with nice snake effects in traditional Chinese style in the shape of the Autobot sigil – and that is just the backdrop to the character art.

Check out the in-package image, attached to this story.

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  1. uranusdd's Avatar uranusdd says


  2. Chris McFeely's Avatar Chris McFeely says

    HNNNNGH. I really hope Omega Supreme isn't going to cost the Earth once he's up on Amazon.

  3. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    I want.. no, I NEED that Omega Supream for my Classics collection.

  4. ezim93's Avatar ezim93 says

    I thought at NYCC that they were going to change the box art so it looked more like the toy.

  5. Star Saber's Avatar Star Saber says

    Originally Posted by Mr.Deflok View Post
    Damn, when do these come out again?
    The BBTS site lists it as late January Asia probably a bit earlier.

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