Transformers Bot Shots Dragon Track Revealed


A new item revealed today by way of a listing on Robot Kingdom is the Bot Shots Dragon Track set. It’s not entirely clear what is going on with this set – though the appearance of a dragon on the box suggests the set is somehow connected to the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters theme. The set comes with a pair of Bot Shots – an all-new mold Optimus Prime and a second (Decepticon?) Bot Shot who looks like a purple dragon or jet. The set also includes two launchers and a “spinning dragon pit”.

We know from the San Diego Comic Con 2012 that the Bot Shots line is diversifying with new kinds of Bot Shots including Flip Shots and Spin Shots. Could this track set be another part of the diversification of this sub-series?

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  1. Cracka J's Avatar Cracka J says

    wow that looks a lot like cybertron megs & prime. that will be bought.

  2. xion14's Avatar xion14 says

    The packaging and Optimus seem to have some Beast Hunters touches to them. Makes me wonder about Megatron.

    Originally Posted by megatroptimus View Post
    That's a new mold for Prime, right?
    These are a new mold of Bot Shots.

  3. Soundwinder's Avatar Soundwinder says



    ... and now I need to rebuy all my Botshots.

  4. MechaV's Avatar MechaV says

    Hah hah hah.

    I love it.

    I love how there's just dragons on everything now.

  5. Prime Jetscream's Avatar Prime Jetscream says

    Something about this is more appealing than normal botshots...

  6. MetalicGrunt's Avatar MetalicGrunt says

    Why do I get the feeling this is just the base piece for a Bot Shot racing track

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