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The official Transformers Facebook page has posted a “beast” update of a different nature today. In 2013 the Transformers Collectors Club is introducing us to Beast Wars Shattered Glass – a new team of Maximals featuring some familiar faces and led by Ultra Mammoth (a reformatted Ultra Magnus) are up against tough odds. The story features the Autobot team led by Ultra Magnus on the Hyperion, previously seen in the Botcon 2007 Games of Deception comic. Notable Transformers fan Ben Yee had a hand in creating the story and calls it “a bit off-beat, but fun”.

Visit the Transformers Facebook page to check out the single page preview of the 2013 Transformers Collectors Club comic. And visit the Transformers Collectors Club homepage to find out how to sign up for the club to get the comic as well as the membership exclusive pre-Beast Wars Depth Charge figure and that Botcon discount.

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  1. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    Posted on the TF Facebook page:

    Issue 49 of The TRANSFORMERS COLLECTORS' CLUB MAGAZINE kicks off the new year in a BIG way with the debut of a NEW team of Maximals led by Ultra Mammoth! The all-new ongoing comic story "Beast Wars Shattered Glass" is featured exclusively in the TCC Magazine. Check out the preview below. And for more information on the TRANSFORMERS COLLECTORS' CLUB be sure to visit

  2. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    It's because the 2013 TFCC Magazine comic is a continuation of "Invasion".

    And as I thought, Ultra Mammoth is Classicverse Ultra Magnus.

  3. CodeXCDM's Avatar CodeXCDM says

    ...guess Ironhide's the Elephant as per his Beast Wars toy... and the Eagle is Prowl? (Though he was an owl in the BW toylines.)

  4. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    Originally Posted by CodeXCDM View Post
    ...guess Ironhide's the Elephant as per his Beast Wars toy... and the Eagle is Prowl? (Though he was an owl in the BW toylines.)
    Prowl's the lion, Silverbolt's the eagle.

  5. RedAlert Rescue has no avatar! RedAlert Rescue says

    Well those are the "Off-Camera" Magnaboss Combiner and the Grimlock (Beast wars dinobot repaint) which shared names with the G1 cast and then they've added their own Club Magnus toy on to that.

    Perhaps it's more Multiple parallel Universe than Mirror Universe in the sense of normal Shattered Glass - we have seen glimpses of other Universes before like that Optimus that looked a bit like Grand Patriot and so on.

    I can't see that this would sit easily with the prior Beast Wars comic though.

    I always saw that Silverbolt as some sort of pre-Fuzor Silverbolt (Doggybot) with him somehow being mashed up with that Wolf Deluxe to make the resulting doggybot. Though in terms of vocal pattern the two silverbolts are not unalike - I never saw them as the same individuals.

    I'm not sure how the process used there is really got a lot to do with Powermasters other than in terms of it being an Organic-inorganic interface to do with energy transfer. but considering the exact same function can also be done by mini-robots (Hasbro's overlord) it does not seem the right term to me to use.

    Then there's a whole other argument as to if Maximal are derived from Micromasters and also if they are even organic at all - Cheetor claimed he wasn't in season 1 - just that he looked it.


    Silverbolt's Pinion Feathers and beast legs probably should be white.
    Oh and he seems to be derived from United Ultra Magnus as much as the Classics one.

  6. WhiteMocha's Avatar WhiteMocha says

    Originally Posted by CodeXCDM View Post
    ...guess Ironhide's the Elephant as per his Beast Wars toy... and the Eagle is Prowl? (Though he was an owl in the BW toylines.)
    Nah, Silverbolt = eagle and Prowl = lion.

    Fun stuff, though. I'm all for canonically casting Pretender tech as a proto-Beast-Wars evolutionary step. That always had a nice logic to it.

  7. Swoop's Avatar Swoop says

    Hmph. For a moment, I thought they were doing some sort of adaptation of Beast wars Dark Glass (the unproduced episode which would explain why TM2 Dinobot somehow gets the original Dinobots memories in Nemesis Part 2).

  8. General Tekno's Avatar General Tekno says

    I think I've figured out how this works.

    In the bonus sequel pages for the "SG Magnus destroys the Classics universe" story, the Transtechs mention that two Classics ships also got caught in the teleportation into the new universe, BUT went elsewhere in time.

    So these are Classics characters who got shot back in time in the SG Universe. Not sure which Earth it is but I'd wager it's the SG Prehistoric Earth. Which means no Ark, since the Autobots/Decepticons found Earth in the present day instead of 4 million years ago.

    Also recall that the Transtechs JUST went and recruited Timelines Depth Charge to go track these guys down in the same sequel pages. So odds are we'll see the subscription figures in this story.

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