FansToys FT-03 Quake Wave Color Prototype Photos


Third party group FansToys has released new prototype photos of their Generation 1 Shockwave homage, Quake Wave. This Masterpiece-scaled figure is an extremely close representation of everyone’s favorite Decepticon cyclops, down to his iconic yellow eye, laser cannon arm, and most importantly, rubber hose.

While we do not yet have any concrete release information, it is rumored that this figure will be shipping sometime in Q1 2013, and retail for around $150.

Again, please remember that this is a third-party product not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara.

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  1. dalianjj has no avatar! dalianjj says

    July 13, 2015 update: Reissue announced + toy and clear version.
    this is our current FB page.

    ft03 reissue will be a little bit darker than the original version.
    ft03t will be much darker than the original version and regular reissue version.
    The solid hand is not included, neither with the original version. they will be sold individualy if a lot of people need it.
    The rotate forearm is included in the box.
    New preorder list:

    The Chosen Prime
    Toy Dojo
    Robot Kingdom
    Ages Three and Up


    Pre-order in US at Capturedprey
    Fans Toys: FT-03 Quake Wave - Capturedprey

    Pre-order in Uk at Capowtoys
    Fanstoys FT-03 Quake Wave - Kapow Toys

    Pre-order in Canada at Automatontoys
    Fans Toys: FT-03 Quake Wave - Automatontoys

  2. dwong1207's Avatar dwong1207 says

    Very interesting...I like the cartoon color better. Any time frame and pricing info?

  3. mx-01 archon has no avatar! mx-01 archon says

    Huh, that's a clever way of beefing up his legs, while simultaneously reducing the massive backpack of the original toy. Looks pretty darned good.

  4. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    Empurata is a bitch.

    This is intended to be masterpiece scaled correct?

  5. beangrower's Avatar beangrower says

    Sweet. they need to get this out soon before has/tak step in again.

  6. zy80's Avatar zy80 says

    woah! Nice, would love it in G1 cartoon colors with its eye in yellow

    Hope the material for the tubing will not disintegrate in the long run too

  7. mx-01 archon has no avatar! mx-01 archon says

    Also looks like the gunbarrel collapses to form the backpack. Decent way of handling that piece.

  8. mx-01 archon has no avatar! mx-01 archon says

    Originally Posted by cuters View Post
    Hoping this is a large size deluxe fig if it is i,m all over it.
    It's Masterpiece-scaled, like their cancelled Soundwave figure.

    There's no way you're going to get articulated hands on a Deluxe figure.

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