Transformers Prime Rage Of The Dinobots #2 Preview


IDW kicks the new year off with some new Transformers Comics, and we’ve got a preview!

Transformers Prime Rage Of The Dinobots #2

As their world collapses around them, the DINOBOTS battle SHOCKWAVE’s forces to protect the fleeing Cybertronians! SWOOP’s life hangs in the balance-his teammates fight to save him, but will he succumb to evil? The answer may not be what you expect!

Read on to preview the next adventure for the Dinobots!

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  1. Brakescream's Avatar Brakescream says

    I'm glad I can't read the writing. I wouldnt want to read half a comic today that I'm going to buy tomorrow anyway.

  2. Sockie's Avatar Sockie says

    Impossible to read, and unfortunately, the preview pages are incredibly blurry on every other site as well. =/

  3. Maverick Hunter Christian's Avatar Maverick Hunter Christian says

    Grimlock keeps getting drawn with an incredibly scrawny upper body. Its so weird looking.

  4. IaconStargazer has no avatar! IaconStargazer says

    I can't read the preview, but I will be getting the issue tomorrow - I thought the first issue was a pretty good beginning to the story, and hopefully this will be a nice follow-up.

  5. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    The lineart and colors are pretty damn good in this book. Grimlock looks a bit thin, but other than that: nice.

    Not all that interested in the story, but ok.

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