Figure King January 2013 Edition Scans


Courtesy of wehave scans from the Japanese hobby magazine Figure King for January 2013. There’s not a tremendous amount of new and exciting material within – there’s a look at the upcoming Transformers Prime Wildrider, Frenzy and Rumble figures as well as the Arms Micron five packs, Masterpiece Soundwave, Rumble and Ravage, Japanese Generations Combaticons and Animation style Encore Devastator. All items we have seen plenty of lately. What is interesting though for Bot Shots fans are some Japan-only BeCool releases including a green Jazz, a yellow “Rescue” Ratchet and an orange-brown Megatron. Don’t read too much into these though – BeCool is not being marketed as a Transformers series, so these might be mere recolors for the sake of looking cool.

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  1. Necromaster's Avatar Necromaster says

    So... we have Fruiticus, Dudicus, and Exculusicus... what are we gonna call shiny Japanese Bruticus?

  2. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    Originally Posted by Zombiebot View Post
    So... we have Fruiticus, Dudicus, and Exculusicus... what are we gonna call shiny japanese Bruticus?

    also i love the extra chestplate for soundwave wiht the building schematic on it

  3. Onslaught24's Avatar Onslaught24 says

    Originally Posted by Megatron31 View Post
    i was gonna say reflecticus but i think your's is better

    anyways, can't wait for those Combaticons! especially Swindle, Brawl, and Onslaught

    EDIT: what's with the brown Fort Max?

  4. sifu74 has no avatar! sifu74 says

    MP Ravage doesn't look as good as the other 3rd party ones or the one with classic Hound

  5. Hicks_Royel's Avatar Hicks_Royel says

    Wait a minute... is that a button on the back of MP-Soundwave that opens the cassette deck?

  6. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    ^ i think thats just his weapon storage

    thanks onslaught, i picked up sdcc version but im kinda regreatting it at the moment

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