iGear PP05P Patrol Specialist


Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has listed a pre-order for the iGear PP05P Patrol Specialist. This release, limited to 500 pieces, features a new deco, pistol, and headsculpt. Unlike the previous Specialist releases, Patrol Specialist does not include an enormous amount of accessories, which some of you might actually appreciate.

Our experts on the TFW2005 boards are suggesting that this figure may be based on the Off Road Patrol Micromaster Tote.

Patrol Specialist is expected to arrive around April 2013.

Please note that this is a third-party product not produced or endorsed by Hasbro or Takara.

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  1. TigerBlade's Avatar TigerBlade says

    That's an uber specialist character to be selling. I guess it's a good time for those who didn't get Ironhide and want him....there will be plenty of unused heads floating around to make him Ironhide again.

  2. DethPike's Avatar DethPike says

    Maybe it's Tote? -shrug-

    Zero interest so far. Why not a black Diaclone version instead?

  3. MegaMoonMan's Avatar MegaMoonMan says

    I'd be in if it was just Ironhide, I don't want all that extra junk he comes with normally- but I'm not risking not finding a proper head.

  4. daimchoc's Avatar daimchoc says

    So, it's just with a different head... I wonder if it comes with the other accessories?

    NVM: Limited to only 500 pieces worldwide! This figure comes only with the small gun pictured and featues a new head and different paint scheme.

  5. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    It's not the first Micromaster third party Transformer homage by iGear... He just costs more and comes with less dick jokes.

    Also, Warcry and Flameblast are Micromaster homages by FansProject! Third party Transformers companies seem to love repainting their toys into Micromaster as much as Hasbro!

  6. Pcm979 has no avatar! Pcm979 says

    Wow, they're really starting to reach. What's next, the black Diaclone version?

  7. mjordan23's Avatar mjordan23 says

    ah man when I read the title I was hoping it was going to be Prowl...then I saw the image.

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