Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Ripclaw


Holy packaging errors Batman! Thanks to an error-packaged Beast Hunters Soundwave picked up at retail by 2005 Boards member Yobuster, we have confirmation of our third Predacon in the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters mainline! Ripclaw, a character previously featured as a Kre-O building set release, will also be getting a Deluxe Class toy as a part of what is assumed to be Beast Hunters Deluxe Wave 2. Ripclaw features a pretty nifty looking dragon mode, and in robot mode, she features a pretty awesome battle claw on her right arm. Yes, you read that right – Ripclaw’s bio, shown on this cardback, also confirms she will be a female Predacon villain for the Autobots to fight.

Check out the cardback scan by clicking on the thumbnail attached to this story, with massive thanks to Yobuster for sharing it with us all!

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  1. Yobuster has no avatar! Yobuster says

    Hi Everyone,

    Picked up my set of TF Prime Beast Hunters wave 1 today. Picked up deluxe Soundwave, Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Laserback. Great figures.
    And as i was admiring the figure i turned Soundwave's packaging around and i realised they got the wrong filecard/backing.

    Instead i see Deluxe Class Ripclaw. Picture attached for proof. Not sure if this was announced before but a quick search of the forums didn't show any.

    Hope this is news for everyone!

    To answer some boardies questions
    - The tech specs is Soundwave's. The tech spec is the inset sheet/cardboard inset which shows soundwave's name. The cross sells are all wave 1
    - The front of the packing card is generic, just shows the series name and has a picture of Predaking.
    - all the paragraphs on the back of the packing card for everyone are now 1-2liners, not the full paragraph from before. I haven't opened up any yet so not sure if there is more info on the instruction sheets.
    - hmm not sure if production errors such as these ever go up in value.

    Also added a new larger picture zoomed in of Ripclaw.


  2. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    lol whooops!

    did you open it yet? maybe they put ripclaws instructions in there too.

  3. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Hahahaha what? That's a pretty big screw up. Figure looks cool though. Nice to have a female character that isn't a twig.

  4. jackgaughan's Avatar jackgaughan says

    His colours remind me of the Dinobots' colour scheme, Hmmmm.

  5. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    I had a feeling Ripclaw was a fembot.

    EDIT: She looks a helluva lot like Ser-Ket.

  6. Noideaforaname's Avatar Noideaforaname says

    Wow, is it just the back? Wonder how that got thru?

    And yay, a fembot that doesn't look totally supermodel-ish.

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