Transformers Prime Japanese Store Exclusive Nightmare Unicron (Darkness Unicron) Image


Takara-Tomy have made one other update to their website today – they’ve added a page for their next Transformers Prime store exclusive, Darkness Unicron, now referred to as Nightmare Unicron. According to the story text on the linked page, Nightmare Unicron appeared when the spark of Gaia Unicron was sealed away and he represents the still partially unsealed “true” incarnation of the Chaos Bringer, the story is a little fuzzy on this detail by our translation.

As speculated, Darkness / Nightmare Unicron is going to be a black version of the Chaos Bringer, so in his Gaia Armor form he’ll blend well with Darkness Megatron or Nemesis Prime.

The page also specifies the launch of a contest, the “Second Arms Improvement Contest”, a customizing contest for Japanese fans. It runs from 9th of January to the end of February. There are various prizes including a sound stage with Optimus Prime voice clips, a new Arms Micron Shining R.A. O and giveaways of Nemesis Prime. By our reading Nightmare Unicron isn’t being given away through this contest, so it’s likely this is the Darkness Unicron teased for a March release a while back as a Yodobashi Camera store exclusive, only available at the Akihabara (Tokyo) and Umeda (Osaka) branches.

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  1. SydneyY's Avatar SydneyY says

    Originally Posted by Sol Fury View Post
    As expected, a black Unicron. Should go well with Darkness Megatron. Thanks to JDK for the tip.

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    There's a mention of contest only micron "Shining R.A. O"m given away to the winners (1 each from under 13 yrs old and over 13 yrs old entrants) and figure stand with Optimus Prime voice gimmick. Other prizes are bundle of regular releases.

  2. Dinodigger97's Avatar Dinodigger97 says

    Originally Posted by jayman118 View Post
    ok AM nemesis prime badly need this...

    Ow, and this might be great for those who wanted this mold, but without the flaky chrome bits.

  3. BlueAngel_Bolt's Avatar BlueAngel_Bolt says

    This looks nice. Will try and get it, it'll look great with Nemesis Prime.

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