Official Images Of Arms Micron Wild Rider, Frenzy and Rumble


Ehobby has udpated their website with new pictures of upcoming Takara Arms Micron Transformers. These new hi-res images show off next months releases from the line including; Wild Rider, Frenzy and Rumble. Wild-Rider is looking extremely sharp and his new remolded head even has G1 cartoon inspired neck-bolts.

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  1. PoweredConvoy's Avatar PoweredConvoy says


    I didn't care much for the Hasbro Rumble, but the way the chest is decorated here makes it look a lot more crazy and appealing to me.

    Wildrider's head almost looks like Wheeljack's with his faceplate down but it's not.


  2. Shatterpoint's Avatar Shatterpoint says

    Oh man, those are nice.

    Gurrumble Lagann and Wildrider are must haves.

    Frenzy can wait.

  3. Type-R's Avatar Type-R says

    Neat! Wildrider's head is a update/melding of his G1 toy and cartoon heads. Scramble City peg shaped (toy) with spikes sticking out the sides (cartoon).

    Hmm... AM Rumble and Frenzy both share the same remolded head. I thought one was supposed to have the same head as Hasbro's Rumble.

  4. froggy124's Avatar froggy124 says

    Frenzy/Rumble have painted rims! Head sculpt looks nice too, more G1ish.

  5. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I'm really tempted to get the Tomy Frenzy now... He's different enough from Hasbro's Rumble to consider, at least...

    Maybe put the Hasbro Rumble head on Tomy Frenzy and give both sets of piledrivers (I have an extra Rumble) to the two Tomy ones..

  6. PlanckEpoch's Avatar PlanckEpoch says

    HAH! I want Wildrider, but only for the arms micron figure. It looks like a drum grenade launcher or something. I'm digging it. The figure itself not as much, but damn, that Micron!

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