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There’s a new Transformers GT release on the horizon, as revealed in the February 2013 Japanese Hobby magazine scans. Along with two pages of coverage on the very sharp looking Transformers GT Optimus Prime there is the reveal that Optimus Prime’s arch nemesis Megatron will also be getting the Transformers GT treatment. GT Megatron is set to be the third release in the Transformers GT series after GT Prime and GT Saber, and also appears to be using the same Alternity Nissan GT-R Convoy body as the others. He comes with a big gun (as is only appropriate for Megatron), a Decepticon Race Queen (in a purple and black outfit, Decepticon colors!). He’s set to run for 10,500 yen and is themed after the “S Rosd Ralto MOLA GT-R” (or, from lower down the same scan, “S Road Reito MOLA GT-R”). No word as yet on a release date – or indeed, where this leaves GT Maximus, who was posited as a possible third release in the series.

These scans come to you courtesy of the Cybergundam blog.

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  1. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    according to google translate it might be Megs cant say it looks anything like him unless we are thinking about the spychanger with SG's colours

    But I will say this I do like it.

    colours kinda match I guess.....

  2. Shin-Gouki's Avatar Shin-Gouki says

    NO! Beyond the Soundwave/Blaster set we don't need the Japanese doing any more SG Stuff!

  3. Blitz.'s Avatar Blitz. says

    really looking more at the SG and this guy the colours match up freakishly well

    Silver arms with black hands? Check

    red details on the legs? Yep tho Alternity uses the feet rather the shin area

    Silver chest? Yep seeing what colour the hood will be while the Alternity toys chest is mostly black in robot mode it will have a good deal of silver in the GTR mode.

    small bits of yellow? check

    I'd say its a good chance of it being SG Megatron gone all Alternity. This would also make it fitting for him to use a prime body I guess (well as much as it does fortmax and star sabre to use it)

  4. Obsidian X's Avatar Obsidian X says

    Isn't it supposed to be Fort Max?
    I recall people saying that besides Optimus and Star saber we were supposed to get a Max in this line.

  5. Ra88's Avatar Ra88 says

    It looks more like Dai Atlas to me.

    EDIT: nevermind, just noticed the teeny tiny Con symbol.

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