Mech iDeas Longblast Upgrade Kit Official Pictures


Mech iDeas has revealed new official images of their Longblast Upgrade kit via their Facebook page. This kit will upgrade your Reveal the Shield Jazz figure into a Shockwave homage and includes; a mono-eyed head, weapon hand, decal sheet, a gun G1 Megatron gun and a mini G1 Shockwave gun. This is a great kit if you’re a fan of Alternators Shockblast, 2012 Botcon Longarm or (if you’re a fan of IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye) if you desire to punish your figures through the ancient Cybertron act of empurata. Also shown in these pictures are photos of the miniature G1 guns being held by various figures including voyager Classics Prime and Mech iDeas upcoming Demoltion Crue figures.

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  1. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    Found this today, not sure if it's been reported before. Seems they're mainly interested in iPhone cases, but this is what caught my eye, better than spending $1k+ for the Botcon version and looks slightly better too, might be time to stock-pile those RTS Jazz's:

    Mech iDeas 3rd party "Longarm Prime" add-on kit-cyclops.jpg

    This is interesting, subtle but very cool.

    Mech iDeas 3rd party "Longarm Prime" add-on kit-iphine.jpg

    Check them out here.

  2. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Unfortunately it requires painting him... I prefer upgrade kits that require no painting like Renderform.

  3. Cadbane's Avatar Cadbane says

    wow that is a Soundwave's head replacing Decepticon emblem on the casing? Cute.

  4. Scaleface has no avatar! Scaleface says

    Isn't that the Phantom of Screamer gun? No, the details are slightly different.

  5. CZ Hazard's Avatar CZ Hazard says

    Originally Posted by MegaMoonMan View Post
    That's nothing but a photoshop.
    Looks that way.

  6. Vangelus's Avatar Vangelus says

    I dug the concept, would be neat to give that a try. At least Jazz is mostly an easily paintable base colour.

  7. Vampyr's Avatar Vampyr says

    advertising something with that's kind of shit photoshoping isnt very rassuring for the product's more like, "hey put some pics of the idea first with what we can do right now, so thats over third party productors came after us"

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