Transformers United Seekers Elites Gift Set In-Hand Image


Evidently it’s not just the Seeker Aces which are starting to get released in Asia, as the Singapore Transformers Fan Page Planet Iacon has posted up an in-hand (and in-package) shot of the Transformers United Seekers Elites set. This set contains the three “conehead” Seekers Thrust, Dirge and Ramjet. The three sport modified decos compared to their previous releases and together with the Seeker Aces set marks the first time all six of the Classics Seekers have been released under a single line with a single aesthetic (Transformers Henkei came close, but went with additional stripes in the vein of Classics for Dirge and Thrust).

Once again it’s an Asia Exclusive release but if you want to fill out your Decepticon air forces the set can be acquired from many online retailers.

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  1. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    I still think the best of the best are United Starscream (boxed set), Botcon Thundercracker, United Skywarp (boxed set), Botcon Thrust, Generations Dirge, Henkei Ramjet.

  2. Dolza_Khyron has no avatar! Dolza_Khyron says

    not too bad. when they're on cleareance, i might pick it up. i could always use more seekers. BUT i am not paying the 200 dollars that bbts has it for, or what ever.

  3. Kaijumaster's Avatar Kaijumaster says

    these are very sexy, but nothing I need.

    (Now they release the Energon Starscream mold in Seeker colors....)

  4. Incepticon's Avatar Incepticon says

    Love it! I've been championing an idea exactly like this for a couple years now, so I'm beyond happy to see it become an actual reality.

  5. yummehcheese has no avatar! yummehcheese says

    Works out way too expensive for both sets. As much as I want them, for $120 per set, I expect them to recite the alphabet backwards, and do my laundry.

  6. Autovolt 127's Avatar Autovolt 127 says

    I'm perfectly fine with the Hasbro version of all three of them.

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