Transformers Fall of Cybertron Autobot Data Disks Released in Singapore


As if the Decepticon Data Disks making it to US retail yesterday was not enough, we are getting reports that the Autobot Data Disks have been found at retail in Singapore. The Diskbots – Eject, Rewind, Ramhorn and Sunder – are paired with Soundwave’s opposite number, Blaster – who himself is just recently out through some Asian outlets. Here’s hoping they make it to US retail in the new year so fans can assemble the Communicators and their cassette minions for the Classics series!

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  1. [soundwave]'s Avatar [soundwave] says

    Sighted and bought here in Singapore.

    Edit: Title has typo of Rewind into Remind.

  2. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    cool. now why aren't the voyagers or the first cassettes in the US yet?

  3. Autobot Burnout's Avatar Autobot Burnout says

    Rewind and Sunder look really, really good, and I love the shade of blue they used on Eject.

  4. Fallout's Avatar Fallout says

    Originally Posted by barrelks View Post
    ^They are as of today.
    i know, i saw them right after i posted, lol.

  5. [soundwave]'s Avatar [soundwave] says

    Originally Posted by Erland View Post
    Tell me that's not really $20 USD a piece for those things?
    It's in Singapore Dollars.

  6. Starscream600's Avatar Starscream600 says

    Originally Posted by [soundwave] View Post
    It's in Singapore Dollars.
    Yeah, our stuff are overly priced. Lol. Might get them, they looked cool in the game and in toy as well.

  7. TCJJ's Avatar TCJJ says

    So you're telling me that I could have made a whole damn thread about the way over-priced ones (that are also at RRP for here - NZ$20, roughly US$17) that I found here in New Zealand a few weeks ago? Damn. Not that I really care. I just didn't realise people had only started finding them. I found two packs. I didn't pay enough attention to them. I thought they were both Decepticon packs, but I assume there's only one of each (I don't remember), and so I would have seen both variations.

    Anyway, the point is, they've been out here for a while, and apart from the first two waves of Fall of Cybertron, wave 2 of Prime is near impossible to find here, and anything beyond that for either line is also impossible to find. Probably because everyone is still trying to get rid of those crappy DOTM toys. They're half off and NO ONE IS BUYING THEM. I wonder why? Oh, I know. Because they suck.

    Oh, and my other point is that, at least here in NZ, these things are WAY overpriced for what they are. Easy pass. Until I get Soundwave. And them I'm just going to import the Japanese versions of the Cassetticons, because for a few dollars more, I can get far superior paint jobs, and I'm a sucker for nice paint jobs.

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