Fall of Cybertron Voyagers Wave 1 at US Retail


The hunt continues this holiday season! After we reported earlier that Fall of Cybertron Soundwave’s minions had been found at retail, fans were wondering where their master was. Well, the walking apartment complex of destruction himself was found at a Toys R Us in Indio, California today by 2005 Board member Floating Cat and he shared some pictures via Twitter. His wave mate/powered up form, Soundblaster, was also found as well.

Check out his haul and receipt by clicking the title bar. Happy hunting!

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  1. TrueNomadSkies's Avatar TrueNomadSkies says

    I'll probably be getting that Soundblaster at some point, yep.

  2. Deceptigtar's Avatar Deceptigtar says

    i just got them on tru.com, my luck they will be in the store now.

  3. AutoBobby's Avatar AutoBobby says

    Dang,TRU is a hotbed of activity the last few months.

    I just have to find these before the inevitable TRU price increase.

  4. DoubleYouTeeEff has no avatar! DoubleYouTeeEff says

    Originally Posted by Onslaught24 View Post
    why does everything start showing up in California!?
    That's where the Mayflower lands.

  5. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Ordered mine on TRU.com. I wish the discs were on there too.. Hope they're not hard to find.

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