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Site sponsors BigBadToyStore and TFSource have partnered with third party group Fansproject for a particularly noble cause: Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army! By pre-ordering the mystery Fansproject figure from the upcoming Function-X line, $20 will be donated to good causes during this holiday season. A preorder from Big Bad Toy Store will trigger a $20 donation to Toys for Toys, and a preorder from TFSource will trigger a $20 donation to the Salvation Army. Please note the order prices linked above are the final prices – TFSource and BBTS will be making the donations themselves and not raising the order price to cover the donation.

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  1. process's Avatar process says

    $20 Toys for Tots Donation & FansProject Function X-1 Mystery Figure - Ends December 16th - Third Party Transforming Toys & Accessories FansProject

    Preorders close December 16th!

    FansProject and BigBadToyStore are teaming up to help out needy children this holiday season! FansProject and BigBadToyStore will be donating $20 (wholesale cost) worth of toys to the Toys for Tots organization for every piece of the Function X-1 figure preordered by December 16th. We'll gather up the huge donation on December 17th and deliver it to Toys for Tots and we'll post images shortly after that.

    This figure is a four wheeled vehicle that converts to robot mode and it features two scoped rifles - that is all we can tell you for now!

    Preorder now and help us make Christmas memorable for many needy children.
    Of the known Function-X figures, both not-Chromedome and not-Minerva are 4-wheeled vehicles with a pair of scoped rifles. The packing on the order page seems to indicate that it'll be not-Chromedome, or at least a not-Chromedome redeco.


  2. Matty's Avatar Matty says

    I'll buy a toy for this cause. This seems like a win/win for everybody involved.

    No idea what this figure could be. Is it from the Headmasters line that was revealed?

  3. CyclonuS_ZerO's Avatar CyclonuS_ZerO says

    Function X is supposed to be their take on Headmasters figures. This is more than likely Chromedome.

  4. GreenScream's Avatar GreenScream says

    Not really interested in FP Headmaster bots. But placed an order for a good cause.

  5. Bountyan's Avatar Bountyan says

    Wow Fansproject wastes no time.

    I want to get this but I'm tight on money right now so I'll do it after I have enough for Menasor and BBTS Omega Supreme. If it's sold out by then, oh well.

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