Transformers Prime Voyager Skyquake Released in Philippines


We have a reported sighting of the last pre-Beast Hunters Voyager from the Transformers Prime line. That’s right, Transformers Prime Skyquake – who many of us had given up on as a victim of “late line release cancellation” – has been found at retail and purchased in the Philippines! The purchase was made by BoggeyDan on DeviantART. He has also shared some thoughts and in-hand photos of the toy, available at the link above.

Hopefully this means that Skyquake will be making it to the US in the not-too-distant future, and make Transformers Prime the first Transformers toy line in a long time to make it through retail with 100% of the announced toys released.

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  1. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    So he's out in the Phillipines it appears. Good news for the ones freaking out that he'd be cancelled.

  2. Arashistorm has no avatar! Arashistorm says

    Originally Posted by Jetbolt View Post
    Was talking to a friend on the site and he shared this link with me.

    TF Robots in Disguise Skyquake by *BoggeyDan on deviantART
    mother of god... YES! YES! thank you deviantart thank you jetbolt, thank you sweet jeebus! I had a second Dreadwing that, if I couldn't return, I would eventually repaint, but seems there's no need =D

  3. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    That news should probably be frontpaged since folks were rather worried he wouldn't see the light of day...

  4. Wheeljack_Prime's Avatar Wheeljack_Prime says

    Hope BBTS puts him out in time for my POL to arrive for Christmas

  5. FatalT 71's Avatar FatalT 71 says

    Member Jetbolt posted this in the Skyquake thread in Toy Discussion, just wanted to get it out to masses.

    TF Robots in Disguise Skyquake by *BoggeyDan on deviantART

    Hopefully some of our fellows in the Phillipines can confirm this sighting, as that's where the DA user lists his location as.

    So, hopefully good news for folks waiting on Skyquake (like me!).

    (if this is legit, Mods please ensure Jetbolt receives the news credit as he posted the news over in the Toy forum).

  6. ken8kuhletz08's Avatar ken8kuhletz08 says

    It's legit. Skyquake is out for retail purchase on Toy Kingdom - Manila.

  7. WheelWave140's Avatar WheelWave140 says

    Hell yeah! To quote Starscream "Time makes all things possible, I can wait"

  8. Timesynch's Avatar Timesynch says

    Neat. I look forward to getting this guy next to his bro (and likewise modding his weapon so it locks out and can be held underslung).

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