Transformers Prime Arms Micron Capsule Toys Volume 3 In-Hand Images


The third series of Transformers Prime Arms Micron Gashapon (Capsule Toys) has been released in Japan. The third series includes Ratchet Spanner, Wheeljack Kunai, Starscream Boomerang and two versions of Dobo, the dragonfly machine gun. A nice gallery of in-hand pictures is up on Snakas’ Facebook page, Autobase Aichi, showing off the individual Microns and their various features including a pair of new super combo weapons – a spear formed by Ratchet Spanner, Wheeljack Kunai and wave 2’s Arcee Blade, and a huge cannon weapon formed by combining one of the Dobo’s with the Starscream Boomerang and wave 2’s Megatron cannon.

More pics are also available at HK-TF.

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  1. Daimao has no avatar! Daimao says

    Ha! weapon mode "now printing". I think thats supposed to be a dragonfly. Name is Dobo, maybe some kind of play on Tonbo.

  2. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Good catch, now that you've said that I can't unsee BW Jetstorm, aka Tonbotto, in that design.

  3. SydneyY's Avatar SydneyY says

    Dobo turns into a machine gun according to the description. Also Ratchet is a spanner, WJ is Kunai (ninja weapon). Satrscream is indeed a boomerang.

    This series is the best so far!

  4. Sol Fury's Avatar Sol Fury says

    Excellent, I'll update the frontpage text. These will look good with their respective partners no doubt

  5. Grimwing's Avatar Grimwing says

    Wow. A boomerang. Their kind of reaching for weapon ideas. But it is a starscream. So everyone is going to want one anyway for a Starscream shrine.

    I kind of like the wheeljack weapon and the dragonfly should be another cool decepticon animal weapon for the course.

    preorders. preorders. got to find those out there.

  6. SG Roadbuster's Avatar SG Roadbuster says

    am i the only one suddenly reminded of Kamen rider TheBee's zector?

  7. mrduce1018's Avatar mrduce1018 says

    I actually really like the Boomerang idea. It is a new idea, and only something Japan can pull off. You know Hasbro would never release something like that on thier own. Lots of great Microns out there again. I for one am very happy about them!

    Question: Can someone tell me what the Turtle from Wave 2 is supposed to turn into? Is it a Sheld?

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