The Hub "Naughty or Nice" Vote 2012 Begins!

The Hub have kicked off their “Naughty or Nice” 2012 vote. It’s a bit of fun contest where you can vote for your favorite Hub original characters in a variety of categories included “Naughtiest Use of a Villain Power” “Most Awesomest Good Deed” and “Most Villainous Laugh”

The website is up now in all its festive glory complete with Megatron draped in fairy lights!

There’s also a promo clip to promote the event which you can check out below:

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  1. ken8kuhletz08's Avatar ken8kuhletz08 says

    HUB TV Network Announces ‘Naughty or Nice Awards’ - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers

    The voting page will officially open on December 8 (Saturday). Voting will end on December 16 (Sunday).

    Here are some of the categories:

    Most Villainous Laugh:

    Dr. Mangle (“R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series” episode entitled
    “Creature Feature – Part 2”)

    Megatron (“Transformers Prime”)

    Razorkinder Puppet (“Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters”)

    Nastiest Hissy Fit:

    Fluttershy (“My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” episode entitled
    “Putting Your Hoof Down”)

    Penny Ling (“Littlest Pet Shop” episode entitled
    “Mean Isn’t Your Color”)

    Starscream (“Transformers Prime” episode entitled
    “Orion Pax – Part 2”)

    Naughtiest Use of a Villainous Power:

    Dr. Morocco (“Transformers Rescue Bots” episode entitled
    “It’s a Boy Time”)

    Megaria (“Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters” episode entitled
    “Heart of Darkness – Part 1”)

    Queen Chrysalis (“My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” episode entitled
    “A Canterlot Wedding – Part 2”)

    Awesomest Good Deed:

    Chris (“Dan Vs.” episode entitled “Dan Vs. Chris”)

    Grumpy Bear and The Care Bears (“Care Bears” episode entitled “Sad About You”)

    Optimus Prime and The Autobots (“Transformers Prime” episode entitled “Darkest Hour”)
    The Hub posted a promo video for the 'Naughty and Nice Awards'.

  2. WTDylio's Avatar WTDylio says

    Aw sweet, Dr Morocco is nominated??! AWW HELL YEA-oh fuck a character from MLP is nominated? Well he has no bloody chance, even though he is SOO MUCH BETTER than Queen Chrysalis

  3. Noideaforaname's Avatar Noideaforaname says

    The OP forgot to mention:

    The Hubs Nicest of All:

    Blades (Transformers Rescue Bots)

    Blythe Baxter (Littlest Pet Shop)

    Jimmy The Robot (The Aquabats! Super Show!)
    Go Blades!
    Go Dr. Morocco!
    Go Megatron!
    Go Starscream!

    ...and I guess go Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Meh.

  4. Chaplain's Avatar Chaplain says

    Silly HUB, Dr. Morocco is nominated for 'It's a bot time'.

    Way to make him sound like a pedophile from Kazakhstan.

  5. moreprimeland's Avatar moreprimeland says, I was so ready to vote NOW!!! Oh well, I will be voting for all my fave TF's. Bwhahahahahahaha!

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