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Hot dog! Learn about Being Cool, Black Blood, and Green Vs Yellow in this week’s Transformers informational recording session.

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  1. Vangelus's Avatar Vangelus says

    WTF @ TFW - 228 - November 29 2012

    Hot dog! Learn about Being Cool, Black Blood, and Green Vs Yellow in this week's Transformers informational recording session.

    00:00:00 - Opening
    00:00:19 - Intro
    00:02:31 - Transformers BeCool Debuts

    00:08:55 - Serious Kreo Fiction Discussion
    00:11:31 - New Pic Picks
    00:34:54 - MP-12 Lambor/Sideswipe Designer Commentary
    00:44:48 - Listener Voicemail from Berserk2112
    Hello to be T S. I. T. Still, you, this is dessert. We're going to connection with the new listener question. Alright, see you at 50. Transformers from any continuity. If you could, put them into a combine our team. What Lynn's would bakery and, with the combined his name be. Hope your podcast guys and says, but it is my space Thank you.
    00:50:41 - Listener Question from MechanovaKing
    00:57:23 - Intermission
    00:59:11 - What We Got This Week
    02:25:08 - What Terrifying Science Did Aaron Drink This Week
    03:33:52 - Ending and Outro

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  2. Secretcode's Avatar Secretcode says

    Regarding Lamborghini, they are owned by Audi who is part of Volkswagen.

  3. Noizemaze's Avatar Noizemaze says

    RE: Thundertron
    I'm loving all the different mods people are doing to the weapons. I recommend people check out the Thundertron feedback thread as well as the Radicons forum. The Parrot mod is probably my current favorite.

  4. Anti Spark's Avatar Anti Spark says

    Very annoyed!

    I can't find those botshot commercials.

    Nevermind Found it.

  5. Bigbot3030 has no avatar! Bigbot3030 says

    The thing that freaks me out about Plasma is that when they give you your blood back, it's not warmed up. So when it hits your veins it's cold (okay, not cold, but not body temp). I'm already kinda freaked out by needles, but I can't get past the cold blood part. this info came from several friends who have done it, and one was a nurse.

  6. ORIO's Avatar ORIO says

    Tried to donate plasma once and the lady looked at my tattoo sleeve and just said, "no"

  7. Silent_Magnus's Avatar Silent_Magnus says

    Here are some pictures of that larger-than-voyager Predaking.

    I'm hoping that he comes out with the best details of the three molds we've seen so far.

    edit: Oh sorry, probably should have used pictures from TFW's gallery, but these were the ones I had in my Prime Predacons folder.

  8. guard convoy's Avatar guard convoy says

    I beg for future podcast please do not bring up blood donation and anything like a medical procedure like that, I am very squemish and hearing the mention of all that stuff made me want to puke

    Its juts a request, not angry or anything, but I litreally was yelling at my computer for Aaron to shut up so I wouldn't have to hear anymore of it

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