Transformers Prime Arms Micron Capsule Toy Series Four


With Takara-Tomy continuing Transformers Prime’s toyline in Japan with more releases planned for the Arms Micron series, it should come as no surprise they are planning a few new releases for the Arms Micron Capsule Toys. Or, more specifically, they are repainting every single toy released in that series to date in 2013! Due in March 2013 is a set of 12 Arms Microns, all redecos of the ones from the first three series this year. The Autobots all get translucent blue “Energon” detailing on these versions, while the Decepticons all receive solid purple “Dark Energon” versions. They are cool oddities, and will doubtless gel quite nicely if combined into the larger combo weapon forms.

This news comes to you by way of UK online store Kapow Toys – listing for the Autobot set here and Decepticon set here.

Also available to preorder from our sponsors TFSource and Big Bad Toy Store!

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  1. Lbsammills51's Avatar Lbsammills51 says

    I'm not sure if the pics mean these will be released in clear plastic (that's what I'm guessing?) but cool either way!

  2. ptrckcrw2's Avatar ptrckcrw2 says

    To many things to save for. It's hard to decide on what I should buy first

  3. rosewater's Avatar rosewater says

    These are up at BBTS for $35 for both sets. I have them pre-ordered, but I really hope Sidecutter gets these for less.

  4. TheBeastman's Avatar TheBeastman says

    If I could pick these up locally I would but as is it doesn't seem worth it.

  5. Cloudraker's Avatar Cloudraker says

    Tempted. Since picking up a shining OP recently though & seeing how brittle the translucent PVC is, its likely a pass.

  6. ChaosLordX's Avatar ChaosLordX says

    darn i was hoping for new molds because i really wanted a soundwave micron.

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