War Lord Beasticons Unlicensed Generation 1 Predaking


Facebook group Meteor Operation has posted a couple of images showing a prototype of what they are calling “War Lord Beasticons”, an unofficial and unlicensed Predaking (not the same as the Mastermind Creations one teased at TFcon in July). The picture shows a detailed robot form, featuring articulated fingers. There’s no detail at this time of who is making this, or when they plan on releasing it. And as always, it is not officially licensed or endorsed by Hasbro.

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  1. Zyros's Avatar Zyros says

    Looks awesome... But I'd be more inclined to get the MMC version partly because their latest figures are pretty great, and this is an unknown company.

  2. supervir2's Avatar supervir2 says

    Looks BOSS. Of course, need to see more, but very promising start.

  3. Megatron31's Avatar Megatron31 says

    that looks like prototypes to me not renders

    these are pretty far along they might be out before mmc's

  4. Z005WFT has no avatar! Z005WFT says

    This is great I'm glad I didn't go devy crazy with G1 predabrick and waited for a real manueverable predaking. I just hope it's not mini size. I want one in scale with Herc and Uranos.

  5. Naztok's Avatar Naztok says

    I'm so excited for Mastermind's, but if this ends up coming out first, I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop myself.

  6. echotransformer's Avatar echotransformer says

    Can someone mirror the pics please? Don't have Facebook...

  7. rattraprules98's Avatar rattraprules98 says

    Originally Posted by echotransformer View Post
    Can someone mirror the pics please? Don't have Facebook...
    Updated first post.

  8. Compewtrawn's Avatar Compewtrawn says

    pretty sick, the hands and fingers are doing it for me, bad.ass.

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