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Million Hero has posted some new images of their Generations 2012 book mail-in Artfire. Artfire is a remolded version of Universe Inferno with the crane arm from Grapple, to allow him to attach his two Targermaster partners as a water cannon in vehicle mode. There’s also a demonstration of how two combined Targetmasters make one really interesting gun for the robot mode.

Even more pictures are posted over here, which also gives the release date: 17 December 2012, due to arrive in (Japanese) fans hands around Boxing Day. The page also has a couple of very nice pictures comparing the new United Artfire and Stepper with their extremely sought after Generation 1 counterparts.

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  1. Thundershot's Avatar Thundershot says

    Sweet! I can't wait! Good timing too since the Shooter Masters are finally in production. Now we just need the other classics Targetmasters... (Pointblank, Sureshot, Triggerhappy, Scoop, etc)

  2. Atomatron's Avatar Atomatron says

    G1 artfire? wow had no idea...thought it was a comic character or something only

  3. Bass X0's Avatar Bass X0 says

    I tink of Artfire as being Inferno in different colors rather than a seperate individual.

  4. PoweredConvoy's Avatar PoweredConvoy says

    Originally Posted by Chris McFeely View Post
    Oh boy, it's Partially-White Inferno!
    Good thing he has the blue, two Targetmasters, and Grapple's crane arm.

    Considering how the original figure looks, this one knocked it out of the park with making lots of changes and including the Targetmasters to really sell the homage.

    Who else besides TakaraTomy through Million Publishing would have made those changes? We wouldn't have gotten the Targetmasters any other way, and with their inclusion they can turn Grapple's crane into a water pump.

    Any other Artfire in any other situation would have probably just been Inferno with no changes other than the paint job.


  5. Phoenix_78 has no avatar! Phoenix_78 says

    Now hopefully ehobby does a reissue of G1 Artfire! I think it's only a matter of time. Stepper was already reissued..

  6. Atomatron's Avatar Atomatron says

    Originally Posted by Phoenix_78 View Post
    Now hopefully ehobby does a reissue of G1 Artfire! I think it's only a matter of time. Stepper was already reissued..
    and then a classics hauler

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