Charticon News Roundup – Hal Rayle Announced as Guest!


Newly-organized Charticon makes another guest announcement – Hal Rayle! Transformers fans will know him from his voice work for Generation One as Shrapnel, Snarl, and the creator of the Chaos Bringer himselfPrimacron! Mr. Rayle makes his convention debut at Charticon next August 9-11, 2013!

Also, the guys at Charticon give us a glimpse into an exclusive item for the convention – a souvenir pin! This pin is only available to those who preregister.

You can view the official announcements from the guys at Charticon after the jump. You can check out their Facebook page as well as their website for more information. The flyer for the convention is mirrored here as well. [INDENT]“Alright so big news was promised and here it is: the next guest that will be joining us at Charticon 2013 will be Hal Rayle! Hal has voiced hundreds of characters over his long career including Deep Six from G.I. Joe, Raphael in the European Vacation episodes of T.M.N.T. as well as the Predator from Predator 2! Transformers fans know him best as the Insecticon Shrapnel, the Dinobot Snarl and Primacron (the creator of Unicron) in the original G1 cartoon series! We are thrilled that Hal will be making his Transformers Convention debut with us at Charticon![/I]

[ . . . . ] we thought we would offer a sneak preview of one of our exclusives: the Charticon Pin! The only way to receive this pin is to Pre-Register for the show, it won’t be available anywhere else!”[/INDENT]

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  1. Arkvander's Avatar Arkvander says

    After much planning I am pleased to announce Charticon 2013, taking place August 9th, 10th and 11th, 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina. We will be holding the convention at the Marriott Charlotte Executive Park right off I-77 near the heart of Charlotte.

    Special Guests include:

    Hal Rayle voice of Generation One Snarl, Shrapnel and Unicron's creator Primacron! This will be Hal's first Transformers convention ever!

    Paul Eiding voice of Generation One Perceptor!

    David Sobolov voice of Beast Wars Depth Charge as well as Transformers: Prime Shockwave!

    Daniel Ross voice of Starscream in the 2007 Transformers Movie Video Game!

    Jon "3.0" Bailey creator of many Transformers Parodies including "PRIME" reviews and Ravage, the insult comic bot!

    Livio Ramondelli IDW Artist Extrordinnare and all around nice guy!

    Casey Coller IDW Artist Especial and sometimes superhero!

    IDW Artist Brendan Cahill

    IDW Artist Ken Christiansen

    We'll also be featuring:

    Cosplay and Costume Contests
    6,200+ sq ft Dealer Room
    Transformers Toy Panels
    Trivia Contests
    Kids Games
    Friday night DJ Party

    The Friday night party will feature Transformers themed music with a buffet catered by the pool and will give people an opportunity to meet our special guests before the show starts! Tickets are extremely limited and are $30 apiece. As of June 1st we are down to just a handful of spots left.

    Pre-registration is open at

    Pre-registrants get our "energon goodies" package which includes a souvenir pin, exclusive art, early admission to the dealer room and access to the Saturday night events plus a lot more! Pre-registration is $35

    As of June 1st we are 80% sold out of our Dealer Tables, so if you are a dealer make sure you reserve your spot asap. Tables are $55 for the first table and $50 for each additional table.

    If you have any specific questions not covered here you can IM me or fiveironfr3nzy. The hotel is accepting reservations at a very reasonable rate so make your reservations soon!



  2. Gammatron 64's Avatar Gammatron 64 says

    Too cool! A local con! With this and TFCon, I get to go to two cons in a row. =)

  3. CreepyManHug has no avatar! CreepyManHug says

    Finally, something fairly close I can actually go to. Also, my first con.

  4. SMOG's Avatar SMOG says

    This gets my vote for the best, most adorable obscure geek-reference name for a local convention ever.

    Love that graphic.


  5. Superquad7's Avatar Superquad7 says

    Originally Posted by CreepyManHug View Post
    Finally, something fairly close I can actually go to. Also, my first con.
    My first and last Botcon was the one held in Durham in 2001. It'll be very nice to have the option of having another convention here in NC I REALLY hope I can go.

    Originally Posted by SMOG View Post
    This gets my vote for the best, most adorable obscure geek-reference name for a local convention ever.

    Love that graphic.


  6. PurdueAV2003's Avatar PurdueAV2003 says

    Sweet! I was afraid I wasn't going to get to go to a con next year, but now...

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