Transformers Legends Swoop and Bumblebee


It’s Thursday and that means a look at another piece of art from the Transformers Legends mobile game from Mobage. This week the official Transformers Facebook page has uploaded the artwork for Swoop in dino mode. Swoop is sporting a very Generation 1 look, and looks quite sharp.

The Transformers Movie Facebook page has also posted some art from the game, showing off Bumblebee. This Bumblebee is based on the Reveal the Shield incarnation of the Classics toy, the version which was updated to feature Bumblebee’s black stripes from modern takes on the character from other media.

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  1. SMOG's Avatar SMOG says

    That's a pretty BADASS Bumblebee.

    But I like the way they made him look that way while still having him look like Bumblebee.

    Swoop is not bad. Certainly better than that Thundercracker crap we got the other week.


  2. Sovietbot's Avatar Sovietbot says

    Someday, they will cease to repaint found this striped relic of to this movie of Classics Bumblebee?

  3. THE-TRANSFORMER has no avatar! THE-TRANSFORMER says

    Those look awesome but wait.... how did you find them in the game? I didn't think it was out yet and it's not in my app store


    Why couldn't they use Decepticon Shrapnel like they did there with Decepticon Brawl?

    In any case, isn't this a card game... these aren't toys, they should be free to use whatever names they like a la the comics?

  4. Digilaut's Avatar Digilaut says

    That's awesome. Just slightly too bad they (had to?) carry over the trademark things like 'Decepticon Brawl'. I can live with Trailbreaker being renamed Trailcutter but putting 'Autobot' and 'Decepticon' in front of some names just looks silly.....

    Think I will have to check this game out though!

  5. orangeitis's Avatar orangeitis says

    Originally Posted by Sovietbot View Post
    Someday, they will cease to repaint found this striped relic of to this movie of Classics Bumblebee?
    The insect called "bumblebee" is yellow with black strips, so logically, that's a great way to fortify his theme. I really doubt the striped thing is supposed to have been exclusively considered 'movie'. It's probably not going anywhere.

  6. madhatprime's Avatar madhatprime says

    Wow. I really like these designs... Except Red Alert.. could have been better IMHO. The movie artists could take some cues from these guys!

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